Saturday, July 19, 2014


Before I had a retail shop, I was always amazed at how IRL (in real life) stores started planning for Christmas in July.  AND it drove me nuts when immediately after Halloween we'd start seeing Christmas items in stores. Now that I'm "one of them" (a store) I understand, and especially as the sole owner and proprietor.  It is impossible to wait until close to Thanksgiving and then put all the things people might want and need (and purchase) for Christmas into the shop in a couple of days. Nearly everyone on Etsy is starting to put out their Christmas items and for those of you who love Christmas and plan ahead then you'll love shopping our shops.  I build up my inventory the first half of the year and then start putting it on the shop shelves about now.  And I've always been happy to find out there are a LOT of people who are like me -- maybe you have a closet or cabinet just like I do, where, when you find something and think "oh Hubby would LOVE this" you buy it, and put it away until it's time to wrap gifts. Some of my newest items are for collectors and these are in my annswhimseypaper shop.


Sandy, at Hugs and Holidays is sewing her fingers to the bone (well I hope not literally, making her beautiful totes, which are such fun gifts to give and very "cost efficient" for your wallet too.  I showed you her gift bags in a previous post but these are her totes -- which friends and relatives love!

Sandy feels like I do about Christmas ... she says:

Oh, I am just a big kid at heart. I LOVE the holidays, especially Christmas. I think of Christmas all year long, and just like a child, the closer I get to December 25, the more excited I get. I love sewing and crafting for Christmas and every year I tell myself that I will get started earlier this year. Yeah, don't believe me because I then start browsing and go down memory lane with her collection of Little Golden Books. I think I had all of them. If I don't get off the computer right then, I end up spending more of my time in remembering how those American Girl Doll clothes look just like the little dresses I wore when I was a little girl......So well made you probably could put them on your little human doll :)

Well, just in case you are looking for fabric gift bags at hugsandholidays. I guess I had better get back to my sewing machine. Stop by and say "hello". Tell me that you "read about the offer in this blog" in checkout and I will give you a 10% discount good until August 15, 2014. See you soon :)

AND then we have Lois, who is working with her brand new Bernina sewing machine, getting items made and put into her shop, Oh My That's Pretty, for Christmas buyers. 


Lois is always thinking of something new to add to her shop so stop by often. Look for gifts for those you love, or give yourself a gift!!! 

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