Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's been a LONG day in Annie-Land and I'm not sure what I actually got done :+) Actually I fought with YouTube most of the day and if ANYONE is reading this who knows a simple way of explaining to me how you get the "subscribe" button onto your YouTube page I would very much appreciate it! (annswhimsey@gmail.com) Seriously -- Tomorrow starts the rush for the weekend -- except it seems some of our "broads" in here won't be doing that. In fact, I believe only Lois and I will be doing that! Arleen has had her granddaughter with her for about 10 days now, and they're going to take her to the lake and have other fun things planned and THEN they get to take her home so Arleen also gets to see her daughter. Sandy's daughter is home visiting and they've taken off to see the grandparents. Lois, does that mean you and I are dedicated workers or are we just DUMB??? :+) In a couple of weeks I have a surgery coming up --- all together now --- "oohhhh pooooor Annie" :+) As long as the surgeon is careful as he slits my throat I'll be fine (I think!) :+) I really don't allow myself to think about it much. I was awake for the biopsy (he stabbed me in the throat -- this NEXT one slices LOL) but I'll be gratefully asleep for the surgery! Granddaughter was here this weekend helping me start the YouTube thing and when it came time to upload the video she said "oh THAT'S easy -- you can do that" so I figured she was right. THEN I saw my page with no subscribe button!! That morning our youngest granddaughter was in the Cornhusker State Games competing in gymnastics. She was winner of a bronze medal and was tickled to death. Was so much fun -- it's club gymnastics so they have three age groups (our little gal is going to be 11). They were all fun to watch but those little tiny 5 year olds were just adorable!! Hope everyone is having a good week -- we are sweltering here but tomorrow it's supposed to "get DOWN to 92" so hey --- I better quit complaining :+)

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