Saturday, July 19, 2014

Start Your Christmas Lists

You think I'm crazy? It IS time to start thinking about Christmas. We are more than halfway through the year. If you love Christmas like I do, you've probably been buying since January 1st. I did that for years until the grandkids started coming and things they loved changed from year to year. Now for them, I just put money back each month and we do the buying for them in October. For the adult children, I try to give them something memorable. I'm a scrapbooker and all the children and grandchildren get a scrapbook each year.  Now that I also sell on Etsy, I am constantly finding things that the adult children will like, or things that will bring back memories (or make new memories) for them. 

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is the one that keeps me from wrapping gifts.  Hugs and Holidays is owned by Sandy who is a good friend and one of the Broads from Etsy. She makes great gift bags.  I thought when I first started using them "and now I'll save these and use them again each year" but the kids loved them so much they weren't about to forget them at Grandma's ... they took them home with them and have their own stash of bags now.  I think they look forward to what gift bags they'll get as much as they look forward to opening them a reaping their stash! 

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