Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Broads From Etsy Welcome You!

HELLO -- I'M Ann (of annswhimsey and annswhimseypaper)

And to start things out -- let me tell you about 2014 and what a lousy year it's been. For the whole country, it's not been any too good. The winter was horrible and continued from 2013 into 2014. Floods followed the snow. Then we zipped into tornado season much earlier and with a bigger bang this year than any year I can remember.  The little home town we grew up in was about 75% destroyed on Mother's Day by two tornadoes. At the moment (July 2014) we are seeing tornado warnings for New England for heavens sake. And Arthur reminded us just a few weeks ago that hurricane season is upon us. I predict this coming winter will come sooner and "worser" (I like to make up words) than our previous one. Don't throw rocks at me. It's only a prediction. If I'm right you can burn me at the stake.

For US personally this year has been a nightmare. It began with little things like having to pay a plumber to fix our fresh water drain; then the electrician who found more things wrong than we thought. THEN I was diagnosed with diabetes and was still trying to get used to the many changes that brings into one's life when my husband ended up in the hospital. He underwent a major surgery and was hospitalized for 15 days.  He has finally recovered but in the meantime my OB/GYN found a lump on my thyroid. I've gone in for the biopsy (fine needle biopsy which means he stabbed me in the neck three times) and the pathology returned "indeterminate".  Since I work in medical, I was not surprised -- MOST thyroid biopsies return with that diagnosis. SO I am now scheduled to have my right thyroid lobe removed in August (this will be more interesting, as this doctor will be slitting my throat).  

This year our oldest grandson got his driver's license and had his first wreck. Having been parents of three children, this was not an unexpected surprise and fortunately it was not a bad wreck.  Maybe I'm just getting old and more aware of the sky falling in, but I think not.  I think if we make it to 2015 we should get a respite for the next five years!! :+)

Then, on Mother's Day, our little home town (we don't live there anymore, but it is where hubby and I both grew up), was about 70% wiped out by a tornado. We still have family and friends who live there and it was horrible to go "home" and see the town looking like several bombs had exploded in it. Fortunately, while it was at least an F3, possible F4 tornado, not one person was hurt physically. The clean up still continues now in July. We were especially blessed that my husband's brother, his wife, their three sons and their families were not hurt. They had (and have) cleaning up and rebuilding to do but they were safe.


One of my favorite shops on Etsy is the one that keeps me from wrapping gifts.  Hugs and Holidays is owned by Sandy, who makes great gift bags and wonderful totes.  I thought when I first started using the gift bags "and now I'll save these and use them again each year" but the kids loved them so much they weren't about to forget them at Grandma's ... they took them home with them and have their own stash of bags now.  I think they look forward to what gift bags they'll get as much as they look forward to opening them and reaping their stash!

Sandy is also a dear friend. We have decided we've known each other since we were kids and in fact reminisce about our younger days and how much trouble we got into together. We've also been planning our 100th birthday party since about the third month after we got acquainted. 

And here's some of Sandy's work:


Here is another friend of mine who sells on Etsy -- and creates beautiful items (NOW with her brand new Bernina sewing machine). Lois is the owner of Oh My That's Pretty. She can make anything, from purses to pillows, to unique picture frames. Oh My That's Pretty is a great place to look for gifts!


   Here's Arleen

Another friend, Arleen, makes the most beautiful doll clothes. Right now my granddaughter is BIG into American Girl dolls and clothes. Last Christmas I spent more on ONE outfit for her American Girl doll than I spend on clothes for myself (no exaggeration!).  If you're a gram or a mom (or anyone buying for a little girl, you have GOT to see Arleens' shop.  Her sewing is outstanding, the outfits are gorgeous and they are a mere fraction of the price of "name brand" doll clothes. Her shop is Sew Dolly Cute and she also carries My Size Barbie clothes that are wonderful too!

We all want to welcome you to our blog and our shops. We hope you will follow us on this blog. Of course we will be talking a lot about our shops, but we'll also be telling you about our lives and the ups and downs of working from our homes, selling on line, AND about our families and lives!

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