Saturday, July 19, 2014

We Are ETSY, Not Ebay

I  have many friends, relatives, and people I work with whom I am sure have never been in my Etsy shop.  If I ask if they've seen it, they change the subject or say "oh I don't go for stuff like that".  It finally dawned on me --- they are probably picturing another EBAY. First, years and years ago I sold on ebay. And ebay IS a turnoff, much moreso now than it was then. SO this is for my friends and for anyone else who says  "I don't want to visit another on-line place to shop". It's time you give Etsy a chance. 

Etsy is NOT ebay. We are not cluttered. We don't have a carnival atmosphere. We don't have barkers shouting "bid here"!!!! We don't say "make me an offer".   And we don't make the price ridiculously low but charge you twice as much for shipping as about 50% of ebay sellers do.

We are a SHOPPING MALL, plain and simple. It is exactly like walking into a real life shopping mall, only you have lots more choices. There are no ads at the sides of the pages. The pages are not crammed with information you don't even care about. We are a MALL. Think of us as the "Mall of America" only bigger -- much bigger. Shop owners come from all over the world -- so think of us as the "Mall of the World". AND I've had people say to me "OH but I have to sign up to look around". No kidding. You have to do the same at Amazon. You have to do the same at anyplace you shop on line. SO you sign up. We have no hit men following you. 

It's like GOING TO THE MALL!!!!  AND it's actually much easier than going to the mall. You can shop from your armchair.  If you live in a small town, you pay more in gas to drive to the city to shop than you would in postage at Etsy. One thing all merchants in Etsy are aware of is the cost of shipping and I've never seen anyone overcharging for postage. AND you can buy gifts you could never buy in whatever big city you live near. Last year our granddaughter got a bag from England to take to college.  Two of my granddaughters got infinity scarves from California. This year one of my daughters in law is getting a gift from England but I won't say what it is as no doubt she'll be in here reading (hi Carrie!!)  :+) 

Shopping at Etsy is more fun than going to ANY mall. Over 300,000 shops. No one who sells in Etsy is a scam artist. All sales and all items sold are carefully monitored.  If you can go to your nearest mall and find items or collectibles from every state in the nation, antiques from all over the world, gifts from Germany, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, and handmades from anywhere imaginable, then go shop there. IF you want to spend the money for gas and take a few weeks doing it.  Let me repeat myself one more time -- ETSY IS NOT EBAY!!! 


Annie, this is so true. We are friendly and more personable than Ebay will ever be. I have sold on Ebay and I did well, but the emails and comments were so cold and hateful. I always made the sale, but the way the questions were asked was a little bitter to the taste.

Then one day my daughter said, "Mom, I think I've found the perfect site for's called Etsy"... My reply was "What's an etsy?" The answer, of course, was a perfect place to give birth to Hugs and Holidays :) Then I got pregnant again and gave birth to "Craft Stuff Depot. I enjoy both of my "kids" and I enjoy seeing them grow.

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