Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do You Have an On-Line Store? If So -- You've GOTTA Meet Marsha!

I've discovered a shop at Bonanza that offers a MUST HAVE service for anyone who has an on-line shop. I'll probably hate myself for writing this post, because the lady who does this is so good, and I kinda hate to share her --- but she IS so good, I think everyone who reads this should let her work her magic for their shop, as she has for mine.

Marsha Muller has My Texas Treasures at Bonanza . She is a shop owner and sells items just like the rest of us. BUT she has one item that none of us can match. She markets and promotes other peoples' shops. That is one of the "items" she sells and while her inventory is wonderful, this service is just over the top. She knows the internet like no one I've ever met. She knows HOW to promote. AND she doesn't use a 'robot' to do the promotions. She and her partner twitter, pin, StumbleUpon and do other avenues as well, promoting their clients' merchandise. She understands all of these promotional sites and how they work. And each evening, she sends a report of where she's promoted my shop. I'll never tell her, but she really doesn't HAVE to do that because I KNOW what she's promoted based on the sales I have. I'm not exaggerating. Tonight in my newest shop I had three sales which is the most I've had in a day since opening just a couple of months ago. And when my report came in tonight, I was not at all surprised to find she'd been heavily promoting that shop today.

The rest of the story is especially for Etsy sellers. As with any other sales site, we pay them for our listings and pay a percentage when we sell. That is only fair -- we are using their site to sell. I have absolutely no problem with that. BUT when they promote search ads for a "per click" fee it makes me wonder why, with all of the listings and sales that happen in a day, why they can't just include everyone in the "internal search" since everything we sell gives them a percentage. I watch the forums. I see people who say they set a budget of $100 or $200 a week for search ads. I go to their shops and look at their sales and wonder HOW they can believe they are turning a profit. And I've used search ads and they have certainly never paid for themselves.

When I started with Marsha, I believe I purchased the $14 package. (I think she also has a $9 package). My sales have been going up ever since and my views have quadrupled. AND if you are on Etsy, you KNOW how sales have been since 2014 has been devoted to "testing".  Then another Etsyian told me about My Texas Treasures.  I am now going with a monthly package -- and speaking of "package", I am packaging orders every night. I still do my own promotions in addition to what Marsha does --- but her marketing is much more effective than mine, of that I'm certain. What I'm warning here though is should you decide to try her service, don't think 'oh now I can sit on my fanny and I don't have to promote anymore". If you are serious about selling, you'll use her service IN ADDITION TO doing your own.  And you WILL see your sales going up!

And let me add this disclaimer:  I am not getting any reward from Marsha for writing this. In fact, she doesn't even know I AM writing this (but with her nose for the internet she'll find it -- she misses nothing)  :+)  (When I made my first YouTube video I didn't tell her, and the next day she told me how well I'd done)  :+)

Now I'll go start banging my head against the wall for having written this -- I truly don't want to share her but she's a neat lady who deserves recognition, and if you are following our blog, you deserve to know about her service!


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