Monday, August 18, 2014


I've been hearing this from my shoppers a LOT lately. They can't find my shop (hang onto those business cards you get with your thank yous! :+) --- but they know I sell Stampin' Up stamps.  They put that into the search and up come 300 pages.  BUT they can't find me!!!

OK -- I don't play Etsy's game of paying them for listing, paying them a percentage of my sales, AND also paying them for being included in their own internal search engine --- so that is why you can't find me in "search" ... UNLESS you simply enter "annswhimsey" in the search box. THEN you will see a question .. "do you want to find shops with the name annswhimsey in them?"  -- yes you certainly do!  :+)  The best way to not run into this is to put my shop into your browser's favorites -- then just click on it from the favorites (or bookmarks as some browsers call them), and you'll be in my shop.  This is true also of Sandy's shops --- and I'll put the links at the end of this, so you can follow them, put us in your bookmarks, and never have to wonder if we've gone missing again!!

Also I've had three shoppers complain to me that "every time I go into Etsy it looks different".  Etsy has been  running experiments for months now --- and we, as shop owners have NO say in the matter. During these months a lot of Etsy sellers have left, or have decided to just sit it out and wait until Etsy comes up with THEIR idea of perfection. Sandy and I have chosen to just sit it out. For all it's wrinkles and warts, Etsy is still the best place to sell and the best place to buy on-line. Sellers are honest and the only caution I add to this is be SURE to check and see where they are from!  Sweat shops are NOT good places to buy from -- but there are thousands of American, United Kingdom,  Canadian, European, Australian sellers --- they are the vast majority -- and they are safe, honest, and you do not get cheaply made items. (and no doubt I've forgotten some countries but you get the picture).

So please do not think that all of the confusion on Etsy right now is any fault of any seller -- and as the bottom line of all of their sellers keeps falling, so does Etsy's -- so hopefully soon they'll feel the monetary pinch and get their act together. In the meantime you can find us "broads from Etsy" at the following links (and don't forget to bookmark us!!!)   Just click on our names to go there (to bookmark us -- have I said 'bookmark' enough?  LOL)

annswhimsey   (Stampin Up, Restored vintage art, antiques, vintage, magazines, ephemera, jewelry and more)

hugsandholidays  (Gift bags, totes, purses for all occasions)

annswhimseypaper  (Gee paper -- ephemera, magazines, children's books, adult books, restored prints, advertisements -- anything paper!)

craftstuffdepot  (Anything you need for your own crafting can be found here -- scrapbooking items, sewing items, creations to make your holidays great)

I HOPE this helps you find us on Etsy --- and if you have any trouble just email me at or leave a comment here on the blog and one of us will get back to you.

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