Thursday, August 7, 2014

School Is Starting!

Can you believe it???  This Monday our kids start back to school. This weekend is the last weekend the swimming pools will be open! WHERE is the year going??  I'm starting to panic because I haven't finished Christmas projects for my family yet! Of course us "Broads" have been working on Christmas (and Halloween I might add) in our shops --- here is a peek at a few of our Christmas items.  And of course, you don't want someone else to get them first ------ RIGHT????  :+)

               The Greatest Santa Picture Ever
Make Your Packages Beautiful

A Package & Present All In One
Christmas Decor They'll Always Remember

AND yes, of COURSE, I've conveniently made the notations below each of our pictures into hyperlinks so just click on the title and there you are -- in our respective shops :+)

So .. soon we'll all be attending football games, spending warm Fall afternoons working in our gardens, and preparing for Trick or Treaters before we know it (I'll cover that NEXT time :+)  BUT we've got to remember how fast the first seven months went -- and we've already finished a week in the eighth month!!!  Time to think of sleigh bells!!! 


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