Saturday, September 20, 2014


Hi Everybody,

There really is a “Peaches” and a “Corn”…. two shopkeepers, a partner shop.  I bet you thought Ann had divided herself.  Nope, I really am a living breathing person. Surprise!!!  I am the quiet one.  (Ann's note -- ha ha ha)
Ann and I were separated at birth about four years apart and found each other on Etsy about three years ago.  She ended up in Nebraska and I made Georgia my home.  Don’t tell me opposites don’t attract.   She speaks Nebraskeeee and I speak Southern, but somehow we understood each other enough to find that kindred spirit.  A match made in Heaven.

I tend to work in the back room of the shop and she works the front greeting all of the customers.  From time to time I’ll come out and give her a break, but if she forgets to ask for one, I’m usually too busy to volunteer.
Although we sound like opposites, we really are quite alike in many ways.  Family is important to us and our friends and pets feel like family.  We have both created and owned successful businesses before Etsy and we are both writers.  We are very passionate about our crafting and collecting and find it sinful to pass up a good buy.  We enjoy giving a twist or a turn to our finds and then pass the savings along to you.  We believe in right and wrong, in fairness and honesty, and that you lose nothing when you extend a helping hand.

Ann has found her niche in collecting vintage and antiques, and restoring vintage art prints.  I have been in love with sewing since I was eight, and my passion for paper began even earlier with those old fashion paper dolls.  I just like to play…..I never grew up and it’s too late to change now.  So stop by any time and have some Georgia Peaches and some Nebraska Corn.

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