Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I had a bright idea (Sandy would say "yeah sure you did") :+) BUT it didn't work and Sandy would say (REALLLLYYYY?). I was going to start a page two for the blogs Sandy and I are featured in ... and blogger says it's easy to do --- right and sure. SOOO here's a great one I was featured in today ---

Black History, Good and Bad

Antique Segregation Black History Cast Iron Black Cigar Smoking Man Figurine
Living Texas Blues - 1985 - Paperback - Alan Govenar - Black blues history
Black History Art Doll Miniature Madam C.J. Walker Sarah Breedlove Art Character
Black History Stick Puppet Kit
Nelson Mandela (CUSTOM Acrylic Painting) South Africa, Pop Art, Black History, President
Famous Back People In American History  36 card biographies by edu-cards
1940s Black Americana Vintage KITCHEN TOWEL - Kitchen Linen - Kitchen Tea Towel - Collectible Towel - "Room Service" - Lot G
Black History Ephemera Rag time Music Rag Baby Sheet Music Cover 1909
Vintage Original Aunty Brand Florida Citrus Crate Label. Dates to 1940. Great Item to Frame. Nice Craft Item. Scrapbooking, Black History
Black Thoughts Lillie Mae Carter African American Civil Rights Poems
Vintage late-1940s-50s TALL Uncle Moses & Aunt Jemima Salt and Pepper Shakers, Wonderful African-American, Black Americana
Recycled Picture Frame Childerns Book Cover Tray - Die Kleinen Negerlein - Art
Black History
Civil War necklace, African American, Union Soldier, mixed media jewelry
Harriet Tubman Doll - LIMITED EDITION
March for Selma

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