Thursday, September 4, 2014

Late At Night - Or Early Morning

I am a night owl --- and always have been.  My parents used to tell horror stories of how I would not sleep.  I love the quiet hours of late night when I can do all sorts of things -- like count down the days until Christmas and realize NO WAY am I going to get everything made for the family I'd planned to make :+)  AND then I look at the calendar and I, who love to have everything wrapped before Thanksgiving, am really running out of time! Etsy and Zibbet will be getting purchases from me this year :+)

Sandy and I now have FOUR shops --- so if you get into the panic mode, come visit us (we get more things done for our shops than for our own Christmas!)

We have two shops named Hugs and Holidays, one on Etsy and one on Zibbet. Then we have Craft Stuff Depot and annswhimsey on Etsy.

If you are a crafter and in need of supplies, we are filling Craft Stuff Depot with every kind of supply imaginable --- and as fast as we can :+).  The same is true with Hugs and Holidays at Zibbet. If you want gifts, annswhimsey at Etsy you can find something for anyone -- for those who love antiques and vintage items, for collectors of many things, for scrapbookers and stampers you'll find sets of stamps and other scrapbooking items, books for collectors, magazines for collectors, and I'm adding ties from Rush Limbaugh's line, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Huesen and more, so there's a thought if you have a guy who has to wear a suit and tie. Then Sandys Hugs and Holidays on Etsy has the most wonderful totes to give as gifts, and she's making lunch mats for kids -- PLUS you can buy your wrapping materials -- gorgeous little use over again gift bags, you just slip the gift into and tie it with the ribbon provided. No more cutting paper and wrestling with tape and ribbons. And you can find gift tags in Craft Stuff Depot. AND from the comfort of your home. Also, 10% of everything I sell goes to Hearts United for Animals -- so if you are an animal lover, you'll be giving a double gift -- the one you purchase and what I then send to Hearts United.

So I will be making scrapbooks for my grandkids with one hand and taking pictures and writing descriptions for the shops with my other from now until the week before Christmas -- but I love the hustle and bustle.

It's starting to feel like fall here in Nebraska -- our low temperature tomorrow night is supposed to be in the 40s. I love this time of the year --- soon the leaves will be turning, and I'll be opening our bedroom window at night and cuddling down under the electric blanket - I know that's twisted but it's so COZY!!  :+)

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned. Our grandson has a football game tomorrow night, and on Saturday his sister has a volleyball game --- hmmm --- wonder how many new items I can get into the shops between running to ballgames!!!

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