Friday, September 26, 2014

Peaches and Corn Have an IDEA --- OH NO!!!

Sandy and I were talking earlier today about how much we love being featured in treasuries --- and how much everyone enjoys contests. SOOO we've decided to do the following:
1. Each time we are in a treasury we already feature it on our blog and will continue to do so but the twist is ...

2.  At the end of the month we will go into Etsy's treasuries and see WHICH of the ones we've been in has gotten the highest numbers (based on views and favorites etc).  THAT treasury will remain on our blog and the others will be archived.

3. At the end of December we will then go back to the numbers in Etsy and see which of the monthly "winners" has the most numbers at THAT time ---

4.  Each monthly winner will receive a gift certificate to be used in any of our three shops:
annswhimsey,  craftstuffdepot,  and hugsandholidays

5.  The winner for the year will receive a large gift certificate that can be used in any of our three shops.

Our way of being able to say a small thank you to those who like our items :+)

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