Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I'm making my plans for 2015 and I have got to clear out some old inventory. SOOO if you like Stampin' Up stamps, antiques of all kinds, books, linens, HANKIES --- you can get them for half price with a $15.00 order.  So click on my shop name and you will be magically whisked to the store :+)  That would be at annswhimsey in Etsy. Use the code 50off when you check out.

Also if you buy several items and overpay on postage, which happens, I will find the most cost effective way of mailing your package and will either return the "change" via Pay Pal if that is how you pay OR you'll find the "change" in an envelope with your items, should you use the Etsy checkout with a credit card.

LOTS (TONS) of Stampin Up stamps, TONS of hankies, vintage tea towels, cookbooks, medical books --- hope to see you there :+)  Remember -- that's annswhimsey    :+)

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