Saturday, October 18, 2014

And Yet ANOTHER Slide Show -- To Make You Feel Like Christmas!

Here's another slide show -- it's like I can't QUIT making these :+)  And THIS time, if you like an item you need only click on the picture and it will take you to the shop in which you can find it. So have fun watching and shop till you drop!  (AND as I always say -- when you get to the blog, the slideshow is on the right hand side; hover your mouse over the lower left hand corner of page one and you'll see // with red over it. Click on that button to start the music)  AND we'd LOVE to have you follow us -- there's a g+ CONVENIENTLY near the slide show so just click on it to follow -- and we'll love you forever! Ann and Sandy


  1. I love your slide show! Thanks for including me.
    I'm offering a coupon code good through Oct. 31, 2014 for your followers. 10% off anything in my shop. Code is NEWFRIENDS Thanks, Donna of Donna Designed

  2. Cool, love the slide show. I've never seen anything like that featuring Etsy shops. Donna posted your link on our Etsy CAST team thread to share :-)


  3. What fun, "My favorite things is one of my "all time" favorite songs. Great selections to highlight too.

  4. Donna -- how nice of you --- now if someone can tell me how to make all these comments SHOW at all times THAT would be great :+)


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