Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Still October - Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Sandy sharing:

I was pregnant with my daughter in January of 1989 and her father, a veterinarian, and I read this together and cried.  We cut this out and saved it knowing that we would teach her that accepting love from a pet also means giving love back. 

"Alone Again "

I  wish someone could tell me what it is 
That I've done wrong,

Why I have to stay chained up and 
Left alone so long.

They seemed so glad to have me when 
I came here as a pup. 

There were so many things we'd do 
While I was growing up.

They couldn't wait to train me as a 
Companion and a friend. 

And told me how they'd never fear 
Being left alone again. 

The children said they'd feed me and 
Brush me every day. 

They'd play with me and walk me 
If I could only stay. 

But now the family "hasn't time."
They often say I shed. 

They do not want me in the house
Not even to be fed. 

The children never walk me, 
They always say "Not now."

I wish that I could please them, 
Won't someone tell me how? 

All I had, you see, was love.
I wish they would explain, 

Why they said they wanted me, 
Then left me on a chain.

An added thought by Ann: Sandy just sent me this with an hour to go till November. OK OK so you can't get to a shelter by midnight -- but EVERY month should be "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month".  A

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