Monday, October 20, 2014

NEW FEATURE!! "SHOP OF THE MONTH" -- See Who's First, Get To Know Her!!

We are now offering a new feature --- our "Shop of the Month".  I browsed into Carolee's shop and couldn't leave!  Wreath after wreath after wreath --- for everyone, everything, and every event. She has covered Halloween, Christmas, weddings, spring, summer, autumn and winter, baby showers -- and she custom makes wreaths for special occasions. I, who sell vintage/antiques, art, and supplies (in other words, nothing hand made) was in awe of all the beautiful inventory and have nothing but admiration for someone with this sort of talent.  Take a look at just a few of her wreaths, and if you want to see them all just click on the name of the shop in the following display and it will take you to her beautiful inventory.

  Carolee and her family live in Eagle Mountain, Utah, a rural area with lots of farms, and tucked away from stores and businesses.  They love the quiet, family life.

Carolee said, "I started making wreaths just after my son's wedding in May of 2013. I was using deco mesh for the wedding and had leftovers. I am a crazy crafter and have been making them since I was young so for about 40 years now. I am self taught through trial and error. I have made other wreaths with real and dry flowers for years."

She told me, "The most fun about selling on ETSY is when someone buy's my items and then sends me great feedback. I'm able to feed my passion of making crafts."

She said "I am married and have four children and three grandchildren. We all love to visit the family ranch in Bicknell, Utah where we ride four wheelers, go to the national park (Capital Reef) and do a lot of camping and fishing. The rest of our family consists of four horses, a dog, and a cat."

Carolee has volunteered with the Boy Scouts of America for 16 years, 10 years as a den leader and six as a cub master. She was employed for 28 years outside the home, and is now contemplating the possibility of going back into the workforce. I, personally, hope she just stays home and keeps making these beautiful wreaths!!! 

Thanks very much, Carolee, for letting us feature you in our blog!!!

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