Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Resident Hermit Discovers Fall

Hi Everyone,

I am a homebody.  I can stay inside my house for days just sewing and crafting being as content as "a bug in a rug"........or if you really want me to explain it the way we do in the south.............happy as "a pig in slop".  After 8 days straight, I had to go out because the cats and I ran out of food.

When I stepped out, everything looked so different.  The grass was a dull color and there were little crispy things scattered all over the yard.  My suspicious curiosity questioned my brain matter........had Summer been replaced by Fall already?  How did that happen?  I wasn't even in the house long enough to catch up on my sewing........not even close to completing my orders!  

So everyone, heads is time to start thinking vivid colors, cooler days, pumpkins, apples, and getting prepared for the upcoming fall and winter holidays...............and sorry kids, I guess you are back in school by now.


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