Monday, October 20, 2014

Resident Hermit Tells About LONG Ago Christmas - Bring Back the Memories

By Sandy Mickle (the other half of the Broads from Etsy)

From CK Dazzling Design
I am such a romantic and I thrive on the good memories of yesterday, especially the ones of Christmas past.  

When the weather starts getting cool I turn into a real kid because I know Christmas will soon be here, and that fat man in the red suit will be trying to squeeze down my chimney.  He also never turned down my milk and cookies and he always left something nice for me under the tree.

Christmas at our house was more about love and fun than presents.  At least that is what my mother always said.  We would always have the usual play at school and the teacher would make sure that we were singing the correct words to the Christmas carols.  It was a mystery to me that the correct words were the same words as last year, and the year before, and the year before that.  Anyway, we were good at pretending that we were learning the "correct" words and everybody was happy. 

Home was about going to church many times, cooking everything in the pantry, grandma quilting, and mom secretly sewing Christmas gifts while we were at school or after we had gone to bed.  I understand that stuff now, but it was better when I knew Santa had brought them all.

Since I didn't care that much for cooking, I would try to engage myself with the activities of the men in the family.  My grandpa and my uncles would always have the task of going to the woods to select a Christmas tree.  It was always cedar, always sticky, and it really smelled good.

I guess you are wondering if I ever did anything for Christmas.  Well, you already have the answer to that question.  I made all of my gifts and the decorations to go on the Christmas tree!!! ........duh??? said it yourself.........I am a Crafter :)

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