Thursday, October 30, 2014

Those Broads from Etsy Have Been Helping With Your Christmas Shopping!

Yes indeed we have!!! Take a look at the new slide show. We went scouting around Etsy looking for things WE would like to have or we KNOW someone who'd love them. So yes it's a Christmas slideshow but it's comprised of beautiful things, unique things which can be used all year round. It's to the right of this post --- and as a lot of you know -- (say it along with me) -- "hover with your mouse over the bottom left hand corner of the first slide and you will see // with red over it -- click on that and the music begins!"  :+)

AND please share the show and follow us here on "those broads" ---

AND since it's only one more day until November, I have to start getting ready to introduce the "Shop of the Month" for November in a couple of days :+)  I LOVE this "job"  :+)  Ann

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