Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vintage? Antique? A matter of Semantics?

What is the line which separates vintage from antique?  Well, until the word "vintage" became vogue, it was 50 years or more meant antique. Since Etsy has proclaimed "vintage" the preferable word I still designate between the two. Since "Etsy says" 20 years is vintage that sounds fair. SO my conclusion when a listing is for an item from 1974 - 1994 is vintage and antique begins ENDS in 1964 -- hmmmm so what happens to the 64 - 74 items? Maybe they are vintique?

WHATEVER they are, here are a few of the antique, vintique, and vintage items from annswhimsey, where, EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP IS 50% OFF --- If you go to look and see something you like use the code 50off at check out. AND if the postage comes out weird, don't worry. I will return any overpayment of postage through Pay Pal (if you pay with Pay Pal) OR will return the money in an envelope with your order -- that is a promise.

Before I started the sale I had over 200 Stampin Up stamps --- and over 200 hankies (great for collectors and crafters!)  Everything -- 50% off --- it's worth checking out and THINK CHRISTMAS too -- great way to find gifts.  OH yes and did I say the shop is (click on shop name) annswhimsey !!

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