Saturday, November 22, 2014


I may be the slowest person on the planet but I would actually bet there are others like me who don't know about this sale service. So in the best interests of others like me, and in time for Black Friday, here's one of the greatest tools I've found.

As you, as an Etsy seller know, Etsy will not allow us to do anything but put our entire shop on sale. Well, I didn't WANT to put my entire shop on sale for Black Friday. So using the Questions forum on Etsy I finally found three very nice people who ANSWERED my question (I had asked it a couple of times before in my going on three years in Etsy).  How do some people show the previous price of an item with a line over it, and then show the sale price?????  And it's always in red or bolded black???? 

As I said, I asked before over the past two years and no one would answer. Well this time I found out about Etsy on Sale and it is FANTASTIC.  AND .... you get to try the first sale for free. AND it is SO easy.  You must have a google email and a google+ account. That's to get in.  When you sign up you receive 5 free "credits".  (You pay for services with credits in Etsy On Sale).  It costs 4 credits to run a sales event, so your first sale would be free.

IN Etsy on Sale, you enter what your sale will be (they have choices there for you). You can then select the sections of your shop you want to HAVE on sale.  If you want the entire store, fine, you just enter the amount off, and it will show. You don't have to worry about making a sale code with Etsy -- the Etsy on Sale app simply marks the items down.

Perhaps you have a section you'd like to have on sale but a couple of items IN that section which you won't sell for less than full price. Not a problem. You can add to exclude up to 25 items --- you just tell the app what items you do NOT want included.  It took me about 15 minutes to watch their demo, read through the fine print (of which there is very little and all straightforward) and get my Black Friday sale ready to go.

In addition, you get your pages put on Etsy on Sale's site for the duration of the sale (a completely separate website).

SO I would suggest you at least look at this. I know I will be buying credits from them after the Black Friday sale --- and if you're laughing that "I've known about that forever" well have a good chuckle. I think it's been a well guarded secret BY many Etsy sellers for quite some time :+)

So click on the following link and go take a look and be sure to watch the video done by one of the three person team who developed the app!  Happy Black Friday.

THE LINK:   Etsy on Sale    AND I just found out from that same Etsy seller that I should include THIS for any of you who go there ---- this referral code: You will receive 5 extra credits if you use that.    YVSOR77BDY

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