Sunday, November 2, 2014


Ales the Woodcarver is our November Shop of the month. He says "I started carving in late autumn 2010 after I moved to Canada, specifically to PEI. I was warned that winters can be really boring here. It just seemed like a right place to do stuff like that and my grandfather's blood running through my veins probably did its share. After support from various people I decided to turn my passionate hobby into a way of living. So here I am, a Czech guy – after almost 16 years of working as a chef in four different countries, now a wood carver living in Canada"
Ales' talent is beyond wonderful.  To be able to take a piece of wood, envision what you are going to do with it, and then be able to DO it -- to carve these beautiful pieces, from ornate boxes to whimsical houses -- is a true gift and skill.  As you look at the pieces he has carved there will be no doubt in your mind as to why the shop we chose was Ales the Woodcarver.  (There are many more pieces there so click on his shop name, above, and go look. He also has his blog where you can see even more pieces on his blogspot).  (yes just click on blogspot to see those) :+)

About his work, Ales says, "I don't use any power tools, everything is done with knives and gouges. I like a smooth surface on finished products so I use quite a bit of sand paper in the end. In spring of 2013 I learnt how to finish my carvings with a Greenguard certified water based lacquer which made me very, very satisfied when it comes to the very last step of the work. This finish doesn't change the natural colour of any wood I've been using so far and yet it is very hard and durable."

To the left is the only employee Ales has -- Edi is his quality control inspector :+)

This shop is a must see -- a whimsical house for a wedding gift, a little elf for a new baby -- those lovely boxes for Christmas gifts.  I KNOW you'll enjoy browsing through Ales' shop as much as I do!

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