Saturday, November 1, 2014

"They Chose Me" - Our Family's Adoptions

November is "National Adoption Month".  It's a special month to me because two of my favorite people in this world were adopted --- my brother, and my cousin.  They are now old (grin) and were adopted in an era where it was extremely difficult TO adopt.  My parents had me, and then I had a brother who lived for only two days. Mother could have no more children and so she and Dad decided to adopt, as they put it, "a little brother for you" (me).  I think, how wise of them --- immediately I felt like I was getting a new puppy or kitten and never, ever have I thought of him as anything other than "my brother" (NOT my ADOPTED brother).  My Dad's sister and my uncle also had their first child, and my aunt could have no more children -- so we (our family) got another "little puppy" -- naw -- Debby was definitely a sweet little kitten :+)  No one in our large family of great-aunts and great-uncles and grandparents ever looked at us as "their real child" and "their adopted child".  In fact, the only time I remembered he WAS adopted was when my dumb little brother would get mad at me and he'd say "They PICKED ME OUT -- with you, they had to take what they got". 

           My 'cuz
                                                                                           Me, Dad, and my brother


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