Saturday, November 22, 2014


We need two "helps" from you ... one is easy.

#1 --- IF YOU WERE one of our 500 google+ followers PLEASE re-follow us. Google had some kind of a breakdown this weekend that wiped you all out (sorry if it was painful!).  So far they've made no effort to fix it as far as I can tell from the complaints rolling in to them from blog owners. SO please come into our blog and click the g+ followers button again (THANK YOU!)  (The button says G+ annswhimsey)

#2 --- I want to do a short blog SOON (like today or tomorrow) showing REALLY different Christmas gifts. I don't want the beautiful scarves, hand made plush toys, gorgeous afghans, wonderful carvings (sorry Ales!!) --- and I don't want ugly either. Just something that is totally fun and yes makes you smile.  Here is the ONLY thing in my shop that will be included in the blog --- to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.  IF you find something like that on Etsy or have it in your etsy shop PLEASE email me the link. Send it to

EXAMPLE:  (AND thanks to everyone who submit -- and please do not be offended it your item isn't selected.  I can't make promises until I see the items!!! )

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