Sunday, November 30, 2014

Treasury Time Again - THANK YOU PEGGY!!!

My vintage medical books were included in this fantastic treasury curated by Peggy from Sweet Tea Treasures (click on the name of her shop to go see it!)  Since I work in the medical community, I really, really, REALLY love this glimpse of how things used to be -- and am sure glad they still aren't that way :+)  Also, click on the title of this to see it up close and personal! Thanks so much, Peggy!

Vintage Medical Equipment A look at How Far We Have Come

Thank goodness for some of the medical changes!!! I just found these to all be really interesting, almost museum like.. hope you enjoy :)
Antique Vintage Electreat Medical Shock Therapy Quack Oddities
Vintage Soviet Medical Glass and Brass Syringe 20 ml in box 2 needles USSR 1990
Vintage Medical Supply Company First Aid Kit
Vintage Johnson & Johnson Pharmacy Medical Plasters Cabinet Remedies Storage
Amazing Medical Rolling Cart / Up Cycle Bar Cart
Vintage Surgical Chest & Table
ON SALE Antique Medical Hospital/Laboratory Kidney Shaped Stainless Steel Bowl
Doctor's Medical Exam Eye Glasses - Magnifier - 1920's
Antique Brass Apothecary Scale Medical Scale West Germany
Antique Medical Books Two Editions "Year Book of General Medicine" 1945, 1946
Rusty Antique Caduceus Symbol Medical Sign
Vintage Adams Hemometer and Hemacytometer Doctor's Kit in Original Case (c.1946) - First Aid Collectible, Medical Oddity, Medical Instrument
Vintage Tycos Blood Pressure Cuff and Guage Sphygmomanometer Great Doctor Medical Oddity
1940s Medical Oddity Pollen Nasal Filter Adjustable Rowe Laboratories Box Filters
Craniometer Real Genuine Human Skull Display Medical Oddity Dentistry Medieval Weird Creepy
Antique Bloodletting Medical Oddities Quack Medical Device

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