Saturday, December 6, 2014


Our resident hermit (yes Sandy -- she's the one and only) sent me the following message .....

Hugs and Holidays 20% Off Sale for the Remainder of 2014.  
Use coupon code YearEnd2014 on any order of $20.00 or more. 

Now if you've not followed the links to our shops we have posted on page one, then you're in for a nice surprise  -- you will find out you don't have to wrap gifts for Christmas AND you'll find some wonderful gifts -- especially for people you like but don't know well.  Sandy has affordable totes (very affordable) and something you could give to a neighbor, a co-worker, a teacher and others whose lives impact our's and we admire and appreciate them but just don't KNOW their personal likes and dislikes. AND I might add a plug here for one of my shops --- teacups, beautiful teacups, are in that same category --- for someone you want to give a gift to but don't know well enough to choose something personal for. Now THOSE can be found here:

anns whimsey teacups  (and should I rearrange my shop they can be found in the store directory :+) Mine, however, are not on sale but they are affordably priced!!! 

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