Thursday, January 15, 2015

An OVER THE TOP Treasury - THANK YOU Tiffany and Katherine - WOW

You all know I love all treasuries --- this one is so so so neat!!! THANK you to Katherine and Tiffany owners of Vintage Rose Tattoo --- this is absolutely stunning. THANK you for including my towel with all these other stunning pieces!!  I'm sure all of our visitors will agree, it's wonderful. AND all of our visitors, please go visit the Vintage Rose Tattoo -- they have wonderful items there! (Just click on the name of their shop and you'll be there!)

You wash... I'll dry.

Embroidered vintage kitchen, tea, or hand towels.
Pair Vintage Embroidered Towels, Kitchen Towels, Southwestern Decor, Linen Towel, Vintage Linens, Colorful Embroidery, Guest Towel
Vintage Vegetable Towel - Embroidered Anthropomorphic Radish & Peapod Veggies-  Linen Towel with Red and Green Stripes - Kitchen Dish Towel
antique linen vintage linen embroidered towel rail cover hand woven embroidered tea towel  handmade cover embroidery shabby chic
Hand Embroidered Vintage Design Tea Towel - New - "Coffee" - Wonderful Kitchen Decor, Fantastic Gift for Friend
Vintage Dish Towels, Flour Sack Towels, Days of Week, Chores, Hand Embroidered, Farmhouse Kitchen
Vintage Linen Towels, Hand Embroidered Linen Towels, Beautiful Towels with Mother Child and Cat
Vintage 1940s Hand Embroidered Linen Set of 7 Black Americana Mammy and Pappy Days of the Week Dish Towels / Aunt Jemima / Kitchen Towels
Happy Birthday To You!! Towel Cake Celebration Kitchen Embroidered
Oops! 1940's Hand Embroidered Linen Towel
Vintage Homemade Flour Sack Towels Embroidered Horse and Cow
Vintage Hand Embroidered Kitchen Towel, Chef Baker Cook, Blue White Kitchen, Cottage
Pair Vintage Hand Embroidered Linen Kitchen Towels/Flowers/Vegetables/Collectible Kitchen Towels  #580
Complete Set 7 Days Of The Week Hand Embroidered Kitchen Towel Natural Cotton Red Kewpie Little Boy & Girl Baby A8
1950s Set of Six Linen Embroidered Patchwork Tea Towels
Pretty Vintage All Linen Kitchen Towel   Unused   Hand Embroidered    Kitchen Style Towel    Irish Linen
Hand Embroidered Linen Kitchen Towels x4 Fruits Vegetables 15 x 27 Mid Century Kitchen Priced Each

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  1. A great selection of beautiful vintage embroidery!


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