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from purpose4everything

Here’s how Suzanne tells her story …… I have been creating and designing things since I was old enough to take up a needle and thread. It started with making clothes for my dolls, with my own patterns and designs, because we couldn't afford to spend money on toys. So then I started making my own stuffed animals out of scraps of fabric and fur that my mom didn't need. I loved art class in school the most, and enjoyed drawing and painting as well. When I got older, I enjoyed making animal pictures with yarns, like needlepoint. I started beading, got into florals, and crafting natural items out of things I found on my walks in the woods. After high school, I took a class in stained glass, loved it, and enjoy doing that as well. Then I needed to figure out something to use all the little scraps of glass, so I started doing mosaics. Which led me to make a miniature tile floor for a little greenhouse building, which led to making miniature plants to fill it! Then I found some awesome vintage beads, which led me into jewelry making! Now, I have so many creative outlets, I am never bored! I flit like a butterfly from one creative venture to the next, which is why I decided to find an outlet for my items, so here I am!

And flit like a butterfly she does!  In addition to working full time on her Etsy shop, Suzanne is a busy Mom of three teenagers, in addition to finding and making items for her shop, and as we all do, taking photos, writing descriptions, answering emails, and taking care of the house.

She learned of Etsy in an unusual way. She was on a site called Listia, where people give away things for points, and she  won an auction for a beautiful beaded necklace. While visiting with the woman who had made the necklace, she told the creator she should sell these necklaces because the one she won was so beautiful. The necklace designer said she tried a few sites, and Etsy was one mentioned. Suzanne had never heard of Etsy, but of course went to take a look, and she was hooked.

How Suzanne started is how we should ALL start. In the forums, I see so many people coming in and saying “I opened my shop today, I have six items in there, and I haven’t sold a THING yet!” Well Suzanne did it the right way. She spent six months taking pictures, writing descriptions and THEN she opened her shop – a shop with lots to look at, a shop that would attract people – and she’s been at it now since 2012.

I met Suzanne through social media – another thing she did right. She is supportive of others, she visits with many people, and she is a joy to know!

I love Suzanne’s shop, everything in it. However, we all have a favorite when we see a shop and look through it. I love vintage, all of her vintage BUT my favorite things are her handmade doll house miniatures! Be SURE to visit her shop, Purpose4Everything … you’ll come away amazed!

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