Saturday, January 31, 2015

NEW SLIDE SHOW and, and, and .......

We've finished our first of the month items a day early. We now have

1.  A new slide show -- look to the right of this post -- see the screen. Hover over it with your mouse. Three green icons are in the bottom left hand corner. Click on the one with two red // over it -- that turns on the music. Double click on the center of the screen and I believe that makes it larger.

2.  Right below this post is our "Shop Owner of the Month" for February.

3.  Right below Suzanne (Our Shop Owner of the Month) is our SHOP of the month.

4. AND below the Shop of the Month you'll see Sandy's treasury from yesterday.

AND if you have a shop OR a shop owner to nominate for March, get in touch with  us. Our shops are all listed in the right hand column. Just come to one of those and send us a convo!!!

Enjoy!  Ann and Sandy


  1. Thank you so much Ann for including our Valentine Red Heart headband! The Ladies appreciate it! Diana

  2. You are very welcom, Diana. You have a wonderful shop!

  3. A so romantic Valentine's collection! Thanks for including my little wreath!


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