Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hi everyone. First a great big HUG to all of you who are following us!  When I find my magic wand (and get to get rid of the broomstick I'm riding on :+)  I'll wave it over all of us and make us famous and rich -- OH that I could! But we're doing our best to get our shops (all of us, not just Sandy and me) noticed further and wider!

Around the first of February (can you believe we are almost THERE??) you'll see our Shop of the Month (it is gorgeous) AND we are adding another new recognition and that is "Shop Owner of the Month".  And yes, that one has also been picked -- I love keeping secrets and then surprising everyone :+)

AND I'm hoping I have enough time to do another slide show before Valentine's Day. Here again I'm going to ask for your help, AND make myself a little more clear than I did the first time I asked. I am looking for beautiful Valentine's Day items for one last Valentine slide show before the big day. If YOU have something that reeks of "Valentine's Day" PLEASE send me the URL. AND I have several people ask me "how???" (even though I put my email address in that post!!)   SOOO

1.  Highlight the URL (in the address bar at the top of the page) of the item you want to show me.  Then while it is highlighted hold down your CTRL button and tap C -- c for copy :+)

2.  THEN go to your email OR go to annswhimsey (shop links are in the right hand column of the blog) -- just click on my link and click on CONTACT in my store -- OR go to your email and send an email to me at   

    Once you've addressed the email put your cursor down in the space where we write our emails, click on the cursor to make sure you are IN the writing space -- then hold down your CTRL key and tap V -- V is for view).  THAT pastes your URL into the email to me.

Your computer's  "memory" will hold the last thing you copied -- so don't copy anything else on your way to emailing me :+)  I want something dazzling -- preferably red -- but something that definitely could be given as a Valentine's Day gift.  AND again, the first 22 I receive will be included in the next slide show (unless it's something for Halloween or wayyyy off the topic!  :+)

SOOO I hope to find my email box full -- I'll open them in the order they come in :+)  And if you ever see a shop that is so outstanding it makes you go WOW, just drop me a line and let me know -- who knows, IT may be a shop of the month sometime!

Everyone enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Ann

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