Thursday, January 1, 2015

THE MAGICAL WARDROBE - A Tool For a Painless Christmas!

Years ago a friend and I (well actually I did it) bought a huge old wardrobe at an estate sale. When it was time to load it into hubby's truck (which we'd borrowed for the day) we couldn't lift it. By the time we attempted to PUT it into the truck, most everyone else was gone and there were no young, hearty men around to help. SO we called my husband and her husband (luckily we live next door to each other). They got into HER husband's truck, drove 60 miles to where we were at the auction, and were not in the best of moods when they arrived. The FIRST thing my husband said was "IF you can't lift it into the truck HOW are we going to get it downstairs?" (WE???? Oh he meant he and my friend's husband! WHEW!)  I said "Oh I know you can do it" -- and after a slow drive home (following them to make sure the wardrobe remained stable), we then had to listen to them and watch them -- as they took off the railing along the stairs to downstairs -- decided how best to get it down -- it was a rather ugly ordeal.

BUT from this little purchase, I have always had my Christmas shopping done by August 1st. It's not like this is something you can ignore. And it's in my inventory room where I spend lots of time. SO whenever I am shopping, if I see something and I think "grandson would like that", "son would like that" I buy whatever "that" is and put it in the wardrobe.

This past year as many of you know, I was sick and had several surgeries so I didn't get to fill the magical wardrobe and this Christmas was a nightmare. Hubby and I were out buying gift cards three days before Christmas. It was a JOB, not a fun time, and the gifts were BORING!

SO think about it. You really DON'T have to go through the ordeal we did. A closet will do. A chest of drawers with some empty drawers will suffice. If you have children who are big enough to poke around in drawers and closets, padlocks aren't expensive :+)   Tomorrow my friend and I are going shopping and you can bet I'll at least have the wrapping paper area of the wardrobe full by tomorrow night :+)  AND it's so much better to spend a little each month on things I see that make me think of someone in the family rather than having to go out and spend it all in one day. After our "shopping trip" I WANTED to go back to the hospital! LOL!

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