Monday, January 19, 2015

We Want YOU!!!

When Sandy and I posted our first contest, Suzanne Sholer commented to me on google plus that "this sounds like fun, but is it only for Etsy folks?" (thank you Suzanne!!!).  Of COURSE it's not -- BUT I obviously did not think about it when I was overflowing Sandy's email box with messages "Those Broads From Etsy .. THAT'S OUR NAME" -- bet I sent her 20 of them before she got back on the computer :+)  We BOTH love the name but when I was asked the above question I immediately knew how some of you seeing the name must immediately think "it's for Etsy sellers".

NOW we LOVE our name so we aren't going to change it BUT please KNOW, we want anyone, everyone who owns a shop on the internet to join us, follow us, participate in our contests, let us include your items in our slide shows, or feature you as a "Shop of the Month".  AND if you DON'T own a shop but just enjoy our sometimes senseless chatter, our slide shows, our contests, by all means, go to google and follow us!!  Sandy and I know how those of us who sell on line break our fannies to do so. We started this blog as a way to meet and promote others who do the same thing we do, be they from Zibbet, Etsy, 11 Main, or one of the many other on-line sales websites. AND we also started it to simply meet people -- those of you who just like to be on line, or SHOP on line :+)

It has been fun, we've made many new friends, and we never want anyone to think they are excluded because they don't sell on line, OR don't sell at Etsy. This place is for everyone --- and if anyone ever has a topic they'd like to share, this place is for you too (as long as your topic isn't something like the mating habits of aliens).

So please don't let our blog's name scare you off or turn you off -- we ARE those broads from etsy -- but guess what, we have a Zibbet shop too :+)  (Sandy does most all the work there however!)

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  1. Not sure where I am supposed to say something and be one of the first 22.. But I am here.. I am here I tell you.. Here...


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