Saturday, February 21, 2015

I MADE A TREASURY!!! (One of those "Believe it or Not" happenings)

Yes yes yes -- I, me, Ann, made a treasury!!!!  SOOO hope you all enjoy it and hope you'll visit my shop, annswhimsey!!!

Eye Catchers

These are things that caught my eye while browsing through Etsy. They are beautiful, original, and/or unique or all of those things!
Personalized School Team Notepad, School, College Notepad School Colors Custom Stationery, Teacher Gift
Watercolor sketch of Stockholm, Sweden (2013). Easy Watercolor Graphics gel pen and watercolor.
Red glitter polka dot Print Roses Spiral Paper flowers 12 rolled rosebuds one dozen Cardstock 12 flowers on stems Valentines day gift
Handcrafted Miniature Nursery Shadowbox, OOAK Little Duckling-Theme White/Yellow Baby/Nursery Wall Decor, Unique Baby Boy/Girl Shower Gift
Easter Egg - hand carved basswood egg, easter decoration, wooden pysanka / pisanka, chip carving European folk style, traditional art
Wedding, Sola wood Bouquet, Twine Orange Coral Wedding Bouquet, Alternative Bouquet,  Coral Bouquet, Sola flowers, Wood Bouquet
Vintage 1930s Green Glass and Gilt Art Deco Lemonade Set Jug and Glasses
Florenza Brooch Pin, 1960s Circus Clown Carnival Figural, Orange Green French White Enamel, Vintage Fashion Designer Signed, Costume Jewelry
Journal for Recipes  -   Cook's Recipes Collection
Black and White Clutch Purse with Polka Dots, Flowers, and White Satin Bow
Dandelion Photography nature photograph mint green print flower art minimal cream neutral cottage chic - 8x10 photograph
Vintage Floral Tapestry Purse Shoulder Bag, Shabby Chic Floral Bag Purse, Muted Roses Tapestry Pouch Hand Bag, Romantic Cottage Chic Purse
Black Onyx Glass and Zirconia Stud Dangle Earrings, Gold Plated Sterling Silver Posts, Gift, Christmas Gift
Handmade Exotic Wood Bow Box OOAK/Coupon
Handpainted Nippon Plate - Colorful and Beautiful with Flowers
Girl Illustration, Print of Original Pencil Drawing Digital Illustration, Gothic Surreal Lowbrow Art - Come Night by Amalia K

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  1. Very eye pleasing Ann, I didn't notice the miniature nursery yesterday. My wifi kept going in and out yesterday and I got tired of fighting it so I came back today to comment. I like the idea you have going here. Hope the people stay excited and committed. I'll be joining you in about two weeks. How big are you and Sandy want to grow? And have you heard from her, she is still in my prayers. Stay warm.

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