Friday, February 13, 2015


"OK -- can we talk??????"  :+)  Well that's how Joan would have begun.  I'm giving a shout out to anyone who owns an on-line shop and repeating myself (Sandy will be rolling her eyes at me)!!  I know it's impossible for everyone to see everything we write in here and since I talk all the time, it's easy to think you've probably "already read this one" :+)

BUT if you haven't, Sandy and I issued an invitation to shop owners to let customers and potential customers know we are real people, not just a name on a shop. We started the "Meet the Shop Owners" tab. In that tab you can put your picture, the name of your shop, and a short bio about yourself. It may or may not increase traffic to your shop, but why pass up the chance? There is absolutely no charge. We ask absolutely no favors. We like to do this marketing and we truly like to help other sellers ... period. No strings attached. You don't have to know us to do it. AND we aren't taking "an application". All we need is for you to write to me, Ann, send me a picture of yourself, and a short bio (or I will help you write the bio). Unless you sell porn or drugs, you're in the Meet the Shop Owners :+)

On line sales are increasing by leaps and bounds. Most of us have to do our own advertising and it's going to get more and more competitive. The prediction is that on-line sales will surpass IRL (in real life) sales by Christmas 2016.  So, here's just one more little way to market yourself. You can email me either through my shop or through regular email ---

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