Saturday, February 7, 2015


Just a big gaffe on my (Ann's) part in writing a blog. I guess we all live and learn :+)  Yesterday I announced our new tab, "Meet the Shop Owner", where we want to help everyone promote their on-line shops, and of course, I google+'d it.  It never occurred to me that anything but our logo would appear with the post when I put it on google. BUT of course I was on the new page when I wrote it.

Silly me -- since I'd already put my shop and information onto that page, a giant sized picture of ME appeared with it.  AND I was desperately trying to chase is around g+ and delete that g+ post. SO I learned something else --- you can't --- or at least I couldn't!!  LOL.

I have an idea. I think someone should write a book, "Google for Dummies" :+)  I'll be your first buyer!  SO much to learn!!!

So today, I'm writing from page one and I hope everyone can get over their horror and surprise at yesterday's post and read this one :+)  When you come into the blog, you'll see a new tab, "Meet The Shop Owners".  I managed to get four or five of us into it yesterday and more are coming.  Go take a look. It will be a permanent "fixture" in the blog.  And we hope lots more will join us. I think I need to reassure everyone this is not a scam, there will be no charges, it's just our way of promoting us as individuals and getting more people to visit our store sites. SO if you are on Etsy, Zibbet, Bonanza, or ANY of the selling sites, by all means, contact me.  I'll write your bio or you can using the ones in there already as a guide, and then I'll need your picture and I PROMISE, it won't go on google plus as a giant size poster :+)

PLEASE -- "A Dummie's Guide to Google Plus" someone --- and I hope I just made someone a millionaire :+)  Ann

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