Friday, February 27, 2015


Hi Everyone,

I have missed you.  I thought that I could just come back from Daddy Mick's funeral, hug Annie, and just bury myself in work and everything would be back to normal.  I have never put upon myself such an inaccurate judgement.  I have spent the past three days in bed drowning in memories and appreciation of all the love I unexpectedly received.  I thank each of you for your condolences.  Your kindness has been overwhelming.

I must give Annie a special thanks for her love and devotion.  She has truly been my champion, my sister, my friend.  She never dropped the ball and kept our work together going all by herself.  We both have health issues and I felt terrible to have placed the responsibility of our shops and blog followers all on her.  She is a very hard working woman with a heart that is filled with an uncommon love, respect, care, and concern for others.  She always places someone or something first before taking a spot for herself.  She is an extraordinary woman and this world we live in as crafters, vendors, bloggers, mothers, and women in all walks of life, would be far less without her.

Thank you, Annie.  Thank you for allowing me to love you. ~Sandy :)

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  1. Sandy you were missed terribly ... and thank you for all you said about me but I really don't recognize that woman you described :+) Thank YOU for allowing me to love you!!! Annie


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