Monday, February 16, 2015

Thanks so much "Chicago Costumer" for the Wonderful Presidents Day Treasury

Isn't this one of the NEATEST treasuries done for a special day??  Absolutely wonderful!  I want to thank the curator, "Chicago Costumer", for including my Teddy Roosevelt print. "Chicago Costumer" has a really unique shop called Stamps Not Included. I hope you'll all enjoy this treasury, share it with everyone, and go see Stamps Not Included by just clicking on the name of the shop anywhere in this paragraph!

In Honor of President's Day

BAMBOO Coasters - Coin Collection Series- CHIC !!!
President George Washington Tags Round Paper Gift Tags Set of 10
The Presidents Signed Millicent  Silky Satin Scarf
Veeptopus Fun Pack: FDR's 3 Vice Presidents - John Nance Garner, Henry Wallace, Harry S Truman. Ink/ Watercolor PRINT 8x10
Vintage 1978 CALL the PRESIDENT RED Dial Desk Telephone in Good Working Condition
COIN RING - George Washington President Dollar -  (Select The Ring Size You Want)
Outdoor pillow Abraham Lincoln coolest President ever 20" (50cm) U.S. President Honest Abe Kentucky log cabin Crabby Chris Original
Vintage book Lives of the Presidents of the United States circa 1910's
President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt RESTORED ART Print Collage Format
John F. Kennedy,  Kennedy for President, Pinback/button. Campaign 1960 AUTHENTIC, Vintage, Authentic JFK Campaign memorabilia, Collectibles
ON SALE 44th President Barack Obama White House Republican Patriotism Cufflinks
Vintage 1970s PATRIOTIC Metal Cookie Cutters
Rare 1920s The Game of the Presidents Card Game
President Day Cupcake Toppers  Lincoln  Washington
The White House -Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933-1945 -President -USA -18187 Framed Postage Stamp Art
Mount Rushmore, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson - Vinyl Decal, Decor, Vinyl Sticker, Wall, Home, Office, Dorm Decor

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