Tuesday, March 24, 2015


This is a fun, fun treasury and so beautifully curated!  Thanks so much to Anne Malolne for including my print of the two little girls telling secrets!  I'm sure everyone will enjoy this treasury--- I hope you will all share it all over social media (the buttons are below the treasury! :+)  and that you'll visit Anne's shop, Creative Spirit Glass (just click on the name of the shop!).  Again thanks very much, Anne!

Too Much Information

Although it is important to know how to make a dress for a skeleton! We don't want naked skeletons running around.
Vintage Empty Gemini Rocket Project Top Secret Box
Limited Edition Print Dog Portrait 8x10 Fine Art from Watercolor Painting  Modern Minimalism Yellow Dog Canine Art Contemporary Wall Decor
Modern Messenger Bag Quilted Laptop Bag Brightly Colored Cross Body Style Messenger Bag Roomy Book Bag
PDF How To Instructions: DIY Dressed Skeleton Garland, Skeletons with Tutus, Goth Wedding, Black Bone, No Sew, Miss Otis Regrets
Vintage red book collection/ Robert Louis Stevenson/ 4 volume set/ classic literature/ Antiquarian/  Collectible Balmoral edition
Telling Secrets
Phoebe Harding never could pass up a chance to share the latest gossip. Limited edition print of an original painting
Welcome To Our Porch, Sit Long, Talk Much, Gossip, Primitive Sign, Porch Sign, Rustic Sign, Porch Decor
SOLD Retro Telephone Table Gossip Bench
Little Girl's Secret -- Giglee print of an ink drawing by Anita Drieseberg
Handbook for Writers 1974 Prentice Hall Vintage Text Book
Welsh Corgi dog 8x10 art - secrets and sundaes ice cream bar stool friends knickerbocker glory dessert sweet
Vintage 1960's Craft House Christmas Decorations Booklet
Mysterious Victorian Girls, Terrarium Locket Necklace, Mini Curio Display with Vintage Photos
LITTLE GIRLS Secrets Art Print - Great Gift - Best Friends - Restored Antique Art Print -
TMI Text Talk Fashion Necklace - texting abbreviation Too Much Information

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