Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Oh WOW --- our resident hermit came out of her hermitage and made this fantastic treasury ---- THIS takes me back to my Grandma's!  Any of us sorta around 50 to 60 something will remember SO much of this from Grandma's AND Mom's houses!  AND you 30-somethings should definitely remember these things at YOUR grandma's!  Wonderful Sandy-kins!  I hope everyone will share this and that everyone will visit Sandy's shops --- Peaches and Corn, Hugs and Holidays, and Craft Stuff Depot. (Click on the names of the shops and Magic Ann whisks you away to her shop!)  And for you 30-somethings -- these are the things you'll hold dear in about 20 years, those "remember whens" so put your hearts around vintage things -- you'll be surprised at how many memories they do or will bring back! (anyway that's what I tell my children and they are beginning to believe me :+)

Everyday Vintage Family Life

These were used and enjoyed in everyday Family Life many years ago. Do you remember them? Go tell the whole world in social media that they are for sale on Etsy in some wonderful vintage shops. ~Sandy :)
Apples Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Set Antique Just Like Grandma's Large 1940s Spice and Sugar Storage/Servers
Vintage Coke Bottles, Coca-Cola Bottles, Full Bottles, Original Formula, Coke Carrier, Coca-Cola Classic, Coke Collectibles, Green Glass
Craft Supplies - 1950s Monopoly Game PARTS - Monopoly Money, Game Pieces, Center Board Cards, Property Cards, Hotels Motels
vintage 1960s Sylvania Portable Stero Tuner Turntable record player 16 33 45 78 vinyl w Speakers Craig 8 Track p/u Chicago IL IN OH Ky Tn
Aluminum Coffee Pots Set of 3 by Comet, Vintage Coffee Percolator, Aluminum Pots, Coffee Kettle Camping Gear,Camping Kettle Aluminum Kettle
1950's Old Maid Playing Card Game --- Vintage Childhood Nostalgia --- Nostalgic Toy --- Family Game Night --- Upcycle Recycle Americana
Vintage RCA Victor Television Selector Wood Cabinet Model U 70 Converter Retro
Hey Cookbook Collectors! Producer's Cookbook - 1940s or 1950s "Aunt Jenny's Favorite Recipes"
Vintage Redmon Plaid Picnic Basket
Set of Three Mid Century Glide-A-Matic TV Trays
Vintage Strawberry Shortcake "On The Go" Bicycle with Pedi Brake by Hedstrom USA
Vintage Spring Yellow & Ivory Wicker Wooden Clothes Hamper - Early Petite Burlington Basket Hawkeye Laundry Bin - Shabby Chic Storage Basket
TV Guide from June 28, 1969, with Cover Featuring "Julia" Stars Diahann Carroll and Marc Copage AND Story on Prince Charles' Investiture
Set of 2 Bama Jelly Glasses
vintage Aluminum Cake Plate with Cover
Mid Century Two Tone Green and White Shell Back  ROCKING Chair from the 1950s Completely Refurbished Ready to Go

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