Tuesday, March 31, 2015


 "Business Owners Having Fun, Working Together, Marketing our Shops"

I think all of you who've come to know us, know that we are ALWAYS searching for new marketing ideas --- they may not be NEW but they are things we've thought about and, discussed, and  decided "YES let's go for it!".

For those of you familiar with Pinterest, bear with me. For those of you who aren't, Pinterest and Google generate more traffic to selling sites than any other methods on the internet. If you haven't already joined Pinterest it's a must for successful selling. However let's take Pinterest to the 3rd (and 4th, 10th, 50th, 100th degrees :+)

Sandy and I have started a group board. We are inviting you to join us because Group Boards are phenomenal. Sandy and I haven't moved any mountains yet but we're doing "okay" with our following. When you join our group board and start pinning on our board you are automatically being followed by OUR followers (right now almost 2000).  As each person joins, their followers see everything ALL of us post on that board --- and soon we have 10,000 followers and then 20,000 --- because we ALL are members of the same board.

Those kinds of boards are scattered around pinterest. They are difficult to find and then when you find them, depending on who started them, it can be very hard to figure out how to join, and then to get accepted. With us, well we're easy LOL!!!  Our rules are:

1.  You must have an on-line shop.
2.  You must have a pinterest account (or we can't invite you)
3.  You must be a follower of  this blog.

Now I've put a new pinterest button at the top of the right hand column. Click on that and you're at "That Broad From Etsy".  Look down at the boards and the FIRST board is titled "Those Broads From Etsy". Follow that board.

Then email us at either annswhimsey@gmail.com or SandraMickle@gmail.com and tell us you want an invitation.

1. Include your pinterest name exactly as it shows on pinterest.
2. Watch your pinterest feed. You will see a notice that "Those Broads From Etsy" have invited you to pin on their board. (this may take up to 24 hours)
3. Click "accept invitation" and the next time you pin, that board will be in your selections list.
4. Please note, you can pin an item to more than one board, so pin to the board you normally would, then click to pin the item again and choose "Those Broads From Etsy" as the next board to pin on.

The rest of the rules --
1. You cannot pin nudity
2.  You cannot pin obscene items
3. You cannot pin anything that is in poor taste or negative
If you do, the items and you will be removed from the boards.

Numbers are the key to selling ... so let's get started!  Ann


  1. I've been on Pinterest for some time, but don't really do much with it. However, having read this item, have done as you suggested. Will now email one of you and see where we go from there! Thanks for the lead.

  2. This is an interesting and very exciting idea. It would benefit them and the community more, in terms of getting the word out that there are shops online that offer such things to the public. That, and it will be more productive to promote one thing by multiple people, than multiple people clamoring for attention all at once for different things. Anyway, I hope this works out for you guys. Good luck!

    Nathanial Thorton @ VDB Ventures


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