Monday, March 2, 2015

Our March "Shop Owner of the Month" lives by the following Audrey Hepburn philosophy:
"People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone."

Melony of "Untie the Ribbons" is owner of another shop that immediately caught my eye when I started Etsy. AND Melony, true to her above belief, was one of those oh so nice people who made me feel very welcome on Etsy, would answer questions and just stop by to visit.  I'm VERY happy to share her story and her shop as "Shop Owner of the Month".

Melony tells me, "I found Etsy searching the internet. I had first started my craft adventure making gift baskets. Many Etsy products work great for gift baskets. I was an Etsy buyer before I was an Etsy seller. I decided to create my own Etsy Shop. Not knowing all of the Etsy rules I listed some of my gift baskets. I do think that it takes some creative talent and time to put together a nice a gift basket and I thought that it would be a service that many would appreciate. Although, not considered handmade, vintage, or a supply I was asked by Etsy to remove the listings. So I did. Now what? I began to teach myself about creating my own website to sell my baskets from. However, just because I had a website didn't mean people could find it or shop from it easily. It took much of my time and did not produce profitable results for me. So again, now what? I really liked the Etsy venue. I thought and thought about what I would enjoy making and what people would enjoy buying. I came up with my paper cones. There were other paper cones listed on Etsy but none like the ones I create. I was fortunate enough to have a customer who worked for Town & Country Magazine feature my Paper Cones from her own wedding. I did not know until it was already said and done. Wow! So Cool!!"

I asked Melony about her work area, knowing the items she makes have GOT to require considerable storage space.  She said, "My fortunate am I to have this wonderful building to call mine!? It allowed me to move my crafting supplies and made products out of the spare bedroom, dining room, kitchen. My husband and I purchased the building and it was delivered to our property and setup. My husband, a neighbor, and a few contractors worked to complete the inside of my workshop. They ran the electrical, insulated the walls and ceiling, installed sheetrock, taped and mudded it, sanded and painted the inside walls. They created an inside upper loft on the front and back sides of the building for storing my totes. They installed beautiful laminate wood flooring. Put up a ceiling fan and four light fixtures. The outside was also painted. I have a window unit that provides cooling in the summer and an electric fireplace that provides heat in the winter (sometimes it takes a couple of heaters) :) I added four Extra Wide Storage Shelving Units and filled them up. (still need a few more - but gotta make some space)

Friends and Family tease me, they say I have a mini "Michael's Craft Store" I have tons of gift wrap, cardstock, ribbons, die cutting machine and die cuts, and many, many, many (did I say many) rubber stamps! Keep in mind, I also have two local booths that I try to keep filled and also receive orders from. So I store stock for those as well. Untie the Ribbons is located inside Little Bit of Country in Downtown Sapulpa, OK and inside Bird's Eye Treasure's located in Bixby, OK. "

Melony has been married for 22 years and is mom to an 11 year old son and step-mom to a 25 year old young lady. So besides her shop, she spends lots of time just being Mom. She and her hubby spend time watching their son play basketball, and are also avid fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team. When she's not working in her shop, she loves to attend craft shows, garage/antique sales and stores, and traveling with her family.

I hope everyone will go visit her store -- it is truly awesome -- just click here: Untie the Ribbons.

AND Melony has invited everyone who reads this to please follow her facebook page at:

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  1. Very nice and colorful shop, her cones are indeed unique. I'm thinking this will be nice for a luncheon this spring.


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