Thursday, March 19, 2015

Our New Slideshow ~ I Hope You Agree It's a MUST See

We hope you will enjoy this slideshow, with the beautiful items from Etsy shops. This is an issue which Sandy and I both care about a great deal.  I think most of you who follow us do too.
The slideshow is on the right and about half the page down. Depending on your browser, you can hover over it. You will see three green icons and one has a red // over it. That's the speaker -- click on it to hear the music. Sometimes that starts the slideshow. Other times (again depending upon your browser) you may have to click in the middle of the screen to start it.
This was created with a lot of love in my heart for those shop owners who carry items such as these -- thank you all SO much!  Ann

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  1. Great slid, It would be hard to pick out which one spoke the loudest. Maybe the caterpillar, start when they are babies.


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