Friday, March 27, 2015


Hi Everyone, this is your Resident Hermit, Sandy :)  
I didn't come out of the backroom to say hello to the Ground Hog, but here I am to welcome Spring.  I want to do a  Special Treasury Blitz for you and I want you to help me with it.  

Etsy Treasuries have 16 windows (4 on each row).  I want to select 3 wonderful vendors to be in this treasury (and yes, Annie, you can be the 4th).  This treasury is going to be a little different and that is what makes it "Special".  

Each vendor will have the freedom of selecting 4 items from their shop to display on an entire row.  I will not make the item choices, just the 3 shop choices.  The treasury will be displayed on our blog in first place over the weekend before it moves down.  If you would like to participate in this Free Advertising Blitz, just email the URL of your shop to me via so I can select the 3 shops that will be in the treasury.

 You must agree to take advantage of this "Special" by saturating every social media you can think of.  Gather all of your friends, family, customers, and followers and tell them to click, click, click (and shop).  When the weekend is over (from Saturday 12:01 am - Sunday 12:59 pm) let me know the number of weekend views and favs that your shop received and the vendor with the most will receive a little gift for participating.  Just send your numbers to my mail box and we will announce the winner here in our blog.

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