Saturday, April 11, 2015


Hi everyone -- it HAS been quiet in Those Broads Land this week, hasn't it????  More about that in a second ...

FIRST A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO JANET owner of SPENCERS STUFF on Etsy.  After Sandy's Vendors' Choice treasure of last week, Janet had the most traffic generated by the treasury.  SO Janet will receive a gift from Sandy's Hugs and Holidays shop.

CONGRATULATIONS JANET!  (AND as always, you can see Janet's shop by click on the name of it in the paragraph above, AND you can see Sandy's shop the same way!!! And also THANK YOU SANDY!!!

Part Two -- the MISSING BROADS

This has been quite a week for Sandy and Ann (me).  Both of us have been sick.  DOG sick!  Spring colds are awful. Mine turned into bronchitis and I swear, I slept 24/7 for three days (ok ok ok so I exaggerate a LITTLE bit but not a lot).  Finally gave up and went to the doctor and gee, isn't today's medicine great??? Those horse sized pills he gave me have helped me feel human again. I am also in a knee brace because of a Baker's cyst (and a little bit of stubbornness thrown it). Right now I refuse any knee surgery and the brace is NOT all that uncomfortable -- so for now I'll stick with that and it may just go away :+)

This coming week while Sandy is up to her neck in orders, I am leaving for a few days so it will be another quiet week in "The Broads". We then will be back in full force (knock wood)!!

AND I want to thank all of you who are joining Those Broads pinterest board!!  We are hoping that by fall shopping time, the board is so big people will TRIP over it when they go into Pinterest :+)  IF you've not contacted us to join yet, get your pinterest name emailed to us and be sure to follow the board so you can be invited!

Hope everyone is busy in their shops, getting ready for graduations, spring weddings, and summer vacations!!!!  Ann

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