Friday, April 3, 2015

Hey Shop Owners -- WAY TO GO!!!!

I just wanted to drop in for a sec and tell all of you THANKS for the great response to the group board!  It's growing quickly and I LOVE it --- and I hope you all do too!!!  And do NOT be afraid you might "pin too many".  I've seen some boards with limits but there is NO limit on ours'. You can post your entire shops -- but spread them out because the page moves downward and you want some of you items at the top at all times!  Big hugs to all who have joined --- and anyone reading this who didn't see my post on this, it's right below this one. AND if you're thinking "I don't know that much about Pinterest" --- guess what --- neither did Sandy or I and we STILL are asking others for help. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions, even the most basic -- we'll help you all we can and if we don't know we'll find someone who does!!!  Ann

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