Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hi everyone!  A quick post today (yeah, sure, as if I can ever keep anything brief :+)

We are coming upon the slow season for shopping.  And if you're new to on-line sales, just know this is pretty much normal. Next month will be graduations, then Memorial Day, and then when school is out Moms are busy, and families are busy --- summer sports, summer vacations, everyone outdoors soaking up the sun. For us, it's time to use to our advantage.  Sandy and I have new projects we are already working on with Fall as our goal for introducing new items (and if all goes well, another new shop!!!).

For me, since I do not do crafty things, I have a hard time coming up with new ideas, but I manage. I was thinking though, how frustrating it must be for those of you who create to keep expanding your inventory.  Any new ideas from Martha Stewart, the new books that appear each month in Hobby Lobby and Michael's (and other places) are all snapped up immediately -- so those of you who create must think "geesh -- me and a thousand other people are making this".

That got me to thinking (dangerous I know :+) about what I would do IF I had the patience and skill to sew.  Everyone loves vintage, so why not make something "old" NEW again!!??? If you can find a pattern or simply an IDEA that was popular in the 70s or 80s making "new vintage" items. I've seen shops offering items like this and they are successful. But there are VERY few (very very few) who do this, SO if you've never thought of this, it might be an idea to mull over ...

Here is an idea -- it's from a craft book from 1985  (and yes it will be available in our shop Craft Stuff Depot later today).  I bought this years ago when I THOUGHT I had the time and patience to sew (joke was on me :+) and it's stayed here for 29 years. Now THAT is vintage. Things like this, old patterns, old books of ideas, are NOT something everyone else on Etsy can be making. I bet very few craft patterns from the 1970s and 1980s survived. SO if you can find vintage (or better yet antique) patterns, YOU would probably be the only shop on Etsy offering this exact item. YOU would probably have a corner on the market. AND if you think "good grief, those would take a while to make" -- well yes they would BUT this set of boy meets girl bears should be priced at no less than $125.00.  Remember, you and perhaps only one or two others have the pattern & maybe just you!

I'm in clean up mode here, making room for our new fall inventory, so as I come on old ideas to be made NEW again, I'll put them up here. I have over 2000 magazines dating back from the 1980s to the 1910s --- so even if I just find a picture, I'm sure some of you, just looking at the picture, with NO pattern, could make the things you'll see. And just having something that's unique to your store can tremendously boost visitors -- like these two little bears that have a different appearance than today's patterns and who appear to be from the Alps of Switzerland!  SO again, as I find old pictures I'll post them here in "Those Broads" to give you "old new" ideas :+)

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  1. Loved these Bears - but I also restore Stuffed ANIMALS (not Dolls - never been a Dolly person!) and give them a new extended life. A bear from Oregon has spent the last three weeks here https://www.etsy.com/listing/79124185/stuffed-toy-animal-restoration-clinic?ref=shop_home_active_1 and left for home today. Would be delighted to make an old friend live again - anytime.


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