Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Today is National Earth Day!  I wanted to toast my fellow Crafters because we are a big support group of Earth Day.   I bet you didn't know that!!!  

Think about all the materials that you recycle (Re-Purpose is the fancy term) in your crafts.  Crafters see beauty and use in everything.  We are Artisans.  When the rest of the world is throwing something in the garbage, Crafters see supplies, vintage treasures, or just that perfect little whatcha-ma-call-it to finish their project.  Little bits and pieces are found treasures for us, and when we luck upon a big box of those treasures, that is like Christmas!  

The flip side of this wonderful creative life is we are sometimes labeled as "junk collectors, hoarders, messy closet people, no room in the garage people, box babies, attic stashers, basement dwellers, etc."  In my opinion we should just wear our labels proudly, continue our collecting, and blow their little non-creative minds with a beautiful project handcrafted from our beloved junk.  National Earth Day is everyday for us and we are proud to lead the way!  Your Resident Hermit, ~Sandy :)

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