Thursday, April 30, 2015


We are so pleased to introduce you to our Shop of the Month for May, 2015.  I'm sure everyone will agree we made a sound choice.

Branka, the owner, tells me Vilindery is a fresh brand, established in 2013. We aim to create high-quality items with distinctive and unique designs.

Vilindery craftsmanship is inspired by the elegance and beauty of Gothic and Victorian style, which is embedded in each piece, encapsulating great details and elegance. Observing in detail, you would notice a hint of influence by Fantasy, Baroque and Visual fashion. All items are handmade and designed by Vilindery. They are created to look beautiful, but also to be comfortable to wear. Your happiness and self confidence is what we strive for.

Branka is self taught in this artistic form. She lives in Slovenia (EU) with her fiance' and adopted cat, and when (if) she has any spare time she likes taking walks, enjoying nature, and also likes to draw.  She occasionally is employed outside of her shop as a graphic artist or illustrator.

I hope everyone who sees this will visit Vilindery (by clicking on the shop name wherever it appears in this article). Grab a cup of coffee before you go as you will be there a while!  AND Branka also has her own website at


The art of beauty.
Red Vampire Choker Necklace with red glass crystals and a chain, Victorin fantasy jewelry, Red Wedding accessories, Red bridal neck corset
Little Goth Victorian Cuff Bracelet with Black glass crystals, Dark Fashion, Elegant Goth Wedding Jewelry, Lolita Accessories
15% OFF SALE, Big Steampunk Choker Necklace with fairy and gears, Victorin fantasy jewelry, Steampunk Wedding collar, Brown choker with lace
15% OFF SALE, Big cuff bracelet with a large antiqued filigree, Victorian jewelry, Steampunk fantasy bracelet, Victorian wedding cuff
PAIR of Little red Cuffs, Lolita Red rose Style, Beautiful cute Fashion, Elegant Goth Wedding, Victorian inspired, Fabric cameo, Red corsage
Little Gothic Cuff Bracelet with a red rose cameo, Victorian Dark Fashion, Elegant Vampire Goth, Rose Wedding Jewelry, Lolita Accessories
White Winter cuff with red crystals, Snow white bracelet, Victorian wedding jewelry, Fantasy wrist decor, spikes bracelet, Romantic cuff
Green Victorian jewelry set, Choker and a pair of cuffs, Fantasy accessories, Fairy wedding, Vampire collar, Extravagant neck corset,
Snowy white fabric collar and pair of cuffs, jewelry set with clear glass crystals, White victorian fantasy wedding accessories, Winter love
Goth Victorian Cuff Bracelet with Blue Glass Crystal, Dark Fashion, Elegant Goth, Dark Romantic Wedding Jewelry, Hand Accessories, Lolita
Black and White Bridal Fabric Cuff with clear cut glass crystal, Fantasy, Elegant, Classy Wedding Jewelry, Romantic lolita accessories
10% OFF SALE, White and black collar with silver angel wings, Gothic Lolita accessories, Victorian Choker necklace, Fantasy cosplay
Winter vampire cuff with a silver plated cameo and red glass crystals, Snow white cuff, Victorian Vampire Fantasy, Romantic gift for her
Black Gothic cuff bracelet with a dark turquoise green crystal, Silver plated brass ornament, Fantasy jewelry, Black wedding accessories
Virgin white bridal cuff with clear glass crystal on a sterling silver plated cameo, White victorian fantasy wedding accessories, Romantic
10% OFF SALE, Choker + Cuff, Victorian Goth Jewelry Set, Necklace with lady cameo, Lolita bracelets, Elegant Goth Wedding, Romantic set

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