Thursday, May 21, 2015

A MEMORIAL DAY TREASURY and a BIG Thanks To Sandy (Yes, that Sandy) :+)

Thanks to my friend and business partner, our local recluse, Sandy,  for a wonderful Memorial Day treasury. It's perfect, I love it!!!  And to everyone who looks, have a great long weekend, but let's all take time to remember who we honor on Memorial Day!

God Bless Our Troops

A Tribute to all of our Men and Women serving in the American Military. Special Dedication to those in our family serving in each Branch. God Bless You. Sandy & Ann Those Broads From Etsy
US Ships FREE Annin 4' X 6' Embroidered American FLAG
Memorial Day Photography, Arlington Cemetery Section 60
Fourth of July Print, Restored Antique Art Print - Kids Sing "God Bless America"
A Soldier doesn't fight... military patriotic sign - with vinyl lettering america, army navy marines, air force
1973 - Black G.I. Photograph - Original Vintage Photo of an African American Soldier - Military Army Antique Photograph
Wooden USA Military Medals - Collection of 12 Different Wood Laser Cut Medals
USS Arizona BB-39 Pearl Harbour United States Navy Battleship Vintage 80s Trucker Snapback Hat Naval Ship Northstar Brand Cap American Made
Love, Gift Tote Bag, Gift Wrap, Reusable, Wrapping Paper, Happy Birthday, Valentine, Fabric Gift Bag, Patriotic Ribbon Print, Hearts
Patriotic Greeting Card, Celebrate Freedom, July 4th Card Handmade, Hand Stamped Patriotic Card, Memorial Day Card, Card for Veterans
American Aircraft Carrier, 1940s US Navy battleship print, boy bedroom decor
On Guard - Vietnam War Era 1972 American Battleship Machine Gunner At The Ready Color Snapshot Photo
vintage black combat boots - 1960s Vietnam-era black military boots
Vintage Red-Cross Bag
B-29 Bomber WWII Aircraft Airplanes Digital Art Photo 8" x 10"
Walnut 5 X 9.5 Flag Memorial Case - Folded Corner
World War II Poster -  Uncle Sam - I Want You - For the U.S. Air Force

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