Saturday, May 16, 2015


Today I was watching some forums, and came away shaking my head. Sellers asking other sellers about SEO (search engine optimization) is like you asking me how to cook (I've not cooked since 1985 ... thank goodness for a hubby who loves to cook!).  The truth is only the search engines know what really does and doesn't work for your SEO. So how to best find out??? Well go use a search engine.

The first thing you do NOT want to do is use just one word for an SEO box unless you've simply run out of ideas. I restore antique art. SO I tried various things on google.

First I began by putting in the obvious, one word, "art".  Return on investment? 5,630,000,000. (Note that is BILLION).

Second: I then put in vintage art.  350,000,000. (So I'd dropped it down to the millions!)

Third: I put in vintage dog art:  47,600,000  (There, I'm starting to find my target audience).

Fourth: NOW how many of those would know the difference between vintage and antique?  I put in antique dog art.  20,400,000 (THERE now I'm actually getting an even better group -- they realize there's a difference between vintage and antique)

Fifth:  I put in vintage terrier art: 1,340,000  (I'm starting to love those people)

Sixth:  I put in antique terrier art and came up with the 496,000 people I would most like to meet.

Now of course, I will probably use all of the above phrases in my SEO boxes BUT guess which one I'll start with. Getting in amongst BILLIONS is ridiculous ... what are your chances? Getting into that target group, the ones who actually are looking for what you are selling is so much better. And certainly, I'll go with two through five -- but number six is my key.

Whenever I start writing my SEO I pretend I'm in google and I'm looking for what I am selling, and think "now what would I put in?".  Number six IS what I would have put in -- and that will be number ONE in my SEO.

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